Saturday, August 27, 2005

To blog or not

I do happen to have a short temper. I try staying composed, but sometimes my ego likes to confront my conscience. I saw this article on blogging in that big tabloid, the "Times of India" that so provoked me.

It said, that there were a zillion blogs created each second in Bangalore alone. Now, that is an exaggerated number! Then it said "What is Bangalore blogging so much about?". It listed stuff like food, emotions, affairs - topics you would rather call "out of control". I for one, have seen many good blogs, that are worth going into a text book or a novel. Why weren't they a part of the zillion in the article? Are the tabloid journalists threatened of the bloggers? I spoke to this friend of mine about the article, and she gave a pretty good insight, that blogging is upto the individual. Whether you write of that complex math problem you solved at school or that love affair that just ended, its all upto you, not the blog. Like Salman Rushdie's "Satanic verses" and Stephen Hawking's "A brief history of time" both have their own audience :)

For me, I like to blog for the sheer pleasure of writing. I have a bond with books and a bond with the pen. The blog has made it easier for us to note thoughts in sequence without the fear of losing hard copies of them! Oh, and I did lose an article on once due to a blogger-UNIX-mozilla bug though. Nevertheless, its fun to blog. Theologists, athists, scientists can all blog together with no accusations of heresy or dogma. The blog is like a personal secretary who types at your command and keeps your notes in good custody. Its the best place to please both your ego and your conscience by giving them a stage to fight :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My Blaaaaaabber

Sometime back, I blabbered quite a sum, that negated all I intended. Instead of saying "Examples include", I said "Exclude"!

An "ode" (??) to my spoonerism:

Speech oh speech o' mine
Why the devil do you sublime
Sometimes you sound like brine
And bring my merry decline

Do I need to stick a Calvin quote
With my weekly rote
Do you think we plain vote
On only a written note

What if I were that journalist aboard
With all that news I must hoard
Don't you know I speak to be heard
Won't you manifest in right gear

I sing a song of sixpence
And please myself hence
Don't you dare stand in defence
But show up over the fence!

So, counting on blogging when words fail me ;)

Want to mess with us, scoot! No, I'm not Calvin :)

Good old earth is never changeless - geographically the planet has been through changes in the past, and will keep changing in the future. The 29 amino acids did not just give rise to prokaryotes and little bacteria, but consequently to a range of beings. The human genome is ever-changing, in consequence is intelligence and culture. There can be no biological culmination of evolution due to the intellect - a paradox in itself as the ever-changing, yet ever-constant phenomenon of discretion, distinguishing one species from another.

For an alien visiting earth, with perception in the order of light years - it'd see just what Arjun saw in the "Vishwaroopa darshan" - minus the glamor and emotion depicted by frightful demons and angels said in the epics!

Just like how difficult it is for someone running on a track to simultaneously compute the speed of a person seen running on television, it is not easy to comprehend staying in our realm as well as transporting ourselves into another realm to redo our math. The math in our domain is strikingly different from the domain of another. While my run takes a straight line in my math, it is a circle in the alien's!

Putting aside math, and seeing evolution instead on different planes of reference, would we see something similar? I got no answers, we need an alien for that - an alien of a different realm living in a non-earth time-scale!

Lets stick to our realm for now - most of the "thinking humans", limit themselves to the mind, which is only a storehouse of information, and sometimes, of rules - like the computer's memory (or a step ahead like the computer's cache - we store some data and have a "mental-cache" to access the ones that we use the most!).

The mind inherently works on data gathered through education, through instruction, through experience. The intellect is quite comparable to the central processing unit that "decides", eliminates dogmas, and lays layers of facts in the mind (fills up the cache!).

"rules" are not creations of a pantheon of Gods or rulers or emotions - but of the Self, the intellect. Self-realization is the essence of the Vedanta and the essence of human evolution. The Changeless in the ever-changing substratum of living matter.

The essence of Vedanta lies in "filling up your cache" through your intellect, instead of capricious hypothetical norms. Data-processing in the mind/intellect evolves with time - what stays, is the holographic mind/intellect and the ever-constant Self.

Good and Evil - the intellect only gives you a choice, not a hard-core inevitable solution. The capacity of good/evil lies within the realm of the mind/intellect, but is non-existent in the realm of the Self. Good and evil are characteristic of a race - a changing substratum. They form the characteristics of a species. With evolution, species redefines "values" in a newer genetic book with older "values" getting vestigial.

If we ask our alien friend of aeon-perception to rewrite our genetic book, he'd be incapable to even define a page in it - it would be like us trying to re-arrange the quarks in a proton! And if he sought help from the geneticist of his planet to redefine our book, the "living beings" of earth would turn inanimate with the new code! That's an example of the relation among evolutionary realms of different magnitude. We plain got to accept that we got rights to mess only within our own domain!

There is but a subtle difference between living and non-living if God were watching above us - the alien world and ours. He definately isn't playing dice - He sent Einstein to probably both our worlds to prove that!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

We never landed on the moon? Do we still need time to finish the earth-wars?

We landed, I choose to believe only because of the integrity of Neil Armstrong's nature - his passion for flying and the hard work of the physicists and engineers in computing those great numbers for escape velocity and phases of landing. The failure of Apollo13, the moon rock samples, the Surveyor missions, the reflectors installed on the moon and other endless projects all confirm the mission.

We didn't really land? Skeptists are skeptists inherently. They would not call a spade a spade, and would rather call a spade a toy. True, NASA adds glamor to the extra-terrestrial images, like I could confirm the martian bedrock of meridiani planum being colored from the original black and while pictures sent by the rovers. True again, NASA hides some intrigues, lest the common man and skeptists build spooky tales and trigger big wars of science and religion.

The Apollo space program was undertaken on a war footing. If its easy to build a supersonic jet for earth's skies or build a shuttle to counter earth's gravity, its no big deal to take off to a planet with one-sixth the gravity of earth. Some science, some caution and some drive and there we are, flying to another world!

The Apollo missions stayed secret for the sole reason, that the US probably did not want to reveal its technology and revelations to the world and only wished to keep the rest of the world at its feet. The Apollo goals were both ambitious and emotional. NASA wanted to win, and win it right. NASA fares better in competition than by instinct.

Dump the Apollo mission truth and lies, and trust humanity. The best foot forward in tackling the space programs is when we act as a globe, as earth landing on the moon, not as America landing on the moon. If we can't do that, and still want to wage a human war of skepticism, lets build our own crafts and colonize the moon like we do on earth.

Does it really matter to pin-point at own species? If an alien were watching over us, it'd have its greatest fun and drive the nuts off our mediocre minds. If we earthlings cannot trust our fellow earthlings (if we landed) or only wish to fool each other (if we never landed), does it make sense to even imagine the invasion of a foreign planet, much less, a satellite? Its better we stay grounded than even think of flying on cloud nine.