Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Gemini moon

This is neither about the moon nor the spacecraft that initiated the moon missions; this is my moon sign. I do not whole-heartedly believe in the occult sciences, but can't help relating with the bahaviour the moon signs instigate. Having the sun in Sagittarius and moon in gemini is no easy game for the poor human trapped under their influence (rather conflict). And the most wicked facet of the combination is the incomprehensibility of pure black and white, but an abundance of shades of gray. No wonder I chose computer science, probably the only wise decision I've taken my entire life :)

Astrology claims that the moon controls the subconcious mind; like when I'm awake and in the real world I'm a sagittarian, but I dream like a gemini. Or I set goals like a sagittarian, but work towards them like a gemini. It is said that gemini creates mental conflicts, and I guess reading Tao would probably be the only way out of them. While thoughts flow like a whole bunch of paradoxes to me, the fiery sagittarian in me rebels. Am I my own worst enemy :(