Friday, March 31, 2006


...addict, is what I am. I'm getting myself off its wily 'awakening'. The staggering, heavy head after coffee-withdrawal, is indeed due to the lack of caffeine.

Sugar, spice and all things nice - coffee and tea. I have this bag of Tulsi tea, and I'm tempted only because it says "Tea"; but tastes nothing like it :( It's lovely though when made right, with the lemon and ginger.

I saw a documentary on coffee once. And much as it does gear one through the day, it can stress you as much, even as you watch a happy-go-lucky Scooby Doo eat the big muffin or see Jerry's new plot.

So here goes my good ode to coffee...

An ode to you
Good ol' caffeine
Anytime in best hue
To break sheer routine

I glide through the year
Only 'cause of you in gear
But dare do I fear
Of how you sometimes shear

I'm high n dry
And yet bid goodbye
'Till I befriend the herb
And you I curb

The 'curbing' is only for the rhyme. No curbing coffee, just a momentary nick... perhaps.