Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A myriad - from (Blog(Glob)ing for posers!) to Esprit

I can see that I have a myriad of content on my blog - from what Bernie is upto with the FIA and Dorna, to how our genes make us what we are, and to how we could stop tarnishing beautiful Bangalore.

I'm wondering if it's worthwhile even classifying my posts? I've given it a thought more than just once, and even attempted it. Not liking the categorized look too much, I soon abandoned the idea and got back to square one. But yes, that's me, made of a zillion contradictions, a zillion interests and a zillion professional pursuits. I think I should let the disorderliness stay.

Nevertheless, I notice I'm not speaking too much AI off late, while my blog's title is all AI and heavily punned. I need a more apt title, that speaks of speed, of boredom, of might, of style; how the third chimpanzee is none but the human, and how the machine fits into the class of primates as much. Far into the horizon, I know I'm speaking of spirit, of victory, of malice in its purest. So perhaps I need a name that's more an aura than a puzzle. Okay, speaking of sprit, I choose Esprit right here, right now! And besides being all that is life, Esprit has a materialistic hue to me, being my favorite brand among clothes!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Backdrop for my blog

I have my pink backdrop ready for my blog. Don't know how to upload it, without the URL link. Does anyone have a clue?

I so want a pink backdrop! boo-hooo.