Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In a world of my own

A daze, is what I'd call my November life. I've grown to wonder if there is indeed a mystical parallel universe that physicists claim to comprehend. A myriad - from procrastination to impulse. Hoping that a gremlin is always around to nick you in time from adversity, or hoping that another gremlin would mystically complete all work-material for me as I sleep, dreaming of basking in the rays of the bright sun.

A daze, where I feel no line between the real and the unreal, theory and practice. A time when I can comprehend that numbers mean nothing at all, but are only facts that are needed to fill up real-life quiz questionaires. A daze, where I wish to command my dreams to act, while I lay basking in them, until it takes gremlins to awaken me. Why do we lay so much importance on the practical; why don't we just live in little worlds of our own? Makes me wonder if we tend to be practical only to accomodate the considerations of other humans in our work and lives - so we accumulate hardened facts called values. What if we just lived in little worlds of our own, thus making the real world "a better place to live in" - a dream that we've all only been dreaming about this far.

And to add to my perennial November daze, was my lovely weekend pizza with olives... and this sure was real!