Wednesday, December 13, 2006


It's 2007 nearing! I had not his much excitement at the start of 2006, but I must say the year was a breeze... was good to me in more ways than one -- so, hail 2006! I had far less demands in 2006 than I already had had for 2007, which is now near... Alonso took 2006 and schumi's hung his overalls. Kimi's taken over the reins at the Marenello squad, with Massa painted pretty in the wide picture of scarlet. Ferrari is now going to be the HRC of motoGP. No longer are we going to map the jinx of the Ferrai with that of the Yamaha; but perhaps to that of the HRC of motogp; bring on team rivalries -- the Senna/Prost one of the past, the Nicky/Dani one of the present and the Kimi/Massa one of the future.

There is Lance doing the running even off the French suburbs: The marathon to start with and his zillion other lovely ventures that make him pop on all columns. We will always watch those 32 days of July, controversy or not, as we love the purity of the sport -- why grumble on some damn ratio that didn't sound "human" enough to the dope-squad; makes me wonder why the devil do they even do dope-tests; coming to the worst of purist nightmares, even if someone hopes to be batman among men, so be it, so long as he isn't the joker. And trust me, no one would risk one's endurance on a drug to last him one complete stage of the tour! To me, Lance and Landis are pure as a mountain stream.

The year's flown I must say - and has in all its wile brought me into the 2007 I was longing for, which now appears to contain the same old wine -- tosh-crunching sport journos popping from all sides, sweetheart-news-people seeing lovely pieces of virtue in good or evil, and plain news webites that speak the boring truth. And oh, the Aussie Open is near -- I still cling to wee bits of hope that Andy Roddick with Jimmy Cornors will get himself a genie for the Aussie Open. The Aussie-Cypriots will thrive yet again, Marcos thriving or not! Is Nadal going to shatter all? Will Federer do the Grand Slam? There are other people I'm sure going to watch out for -- Andy Murray for one.