Monday, January 01, 2007

The last week of December

I sound like a diary! With no motosport action or gossip, I might as well write about what I'm upto!

A nice week, always this pretty last week of December - no matter what, you always get cake. And for my perennial pasta-craving, I cooked some -- with olives. Not a beauty, but decent enough to please my shallow wants of eating whole-wheat.

Christmas is over, and the new year's here. I'm waiting for all the hard work to begin. This is the one holiday-week I long await at the start of each year, and the next one's a whole twelve months away! The one week, where I live in blissful harmony of my little thoughts and food -- a lovely veg-sub I made myself each day, of yet again whole-wheat bread. I now want whole-wheat cake.

If ever you wish to feel a ride on the M1, go here -- a journo talks about his mystical ride; a ride of rage coupled with ecstasy.

Talking tall is Heikki Kovalainen, will his words live up? To me, I can only see him racing Kimi in word-count, not v8's -- perhaps the challenge he awaits is Pictionary or scrabble -- nice, but to bring out his crystal ball and get all high and verbal is ludicrous -- okay, someways, I love it nontheless! Fun and games coming every which way -- WRC or F1, it's show time -- Monte Carlo or bust any which way you can...!