Thursday, February 15, 2007

The best job

How do we know what profession is best suited for us? How do we know that there is a job where our supposed "weaknesses" are our strenghts? Is there a connection between money and the the work we love?

I'd answer: to the first one, that we only dream of the best profession; hardly do we believe that it is for real. The second, do we ever think of that -- of a job that we'd thrive at, that brings our best out, warts and all. And coming to the third, yes there is such a job, and if you do have the job that pays you for being in love with it, you must be a celebrity, signing autographs, striking a controversy or two, and avoiding the paparazzi.

It's that weakness that brings the best of you, not strength. It is that weakness, that you are born with, and forms the spirit within, and we worship and term it strength. Nice to not accept the material world. Yesterday I stumbled on some geneticist pages, and found this one that totally boggles me -- someone trying to stall aging?! Term that a little this way and that, I like the theory, maybe not for aging, but for things close -- like cloning for medicine, or using the theory of genetics to simply understand oneself better -- to know what the environment does to you, and what you'd do had you live in an isolated jungle, all alone, perhaps with an wolf-family ;) Is Mogli's life different from that of a Saint in the Himalayas? Is my life any different from either of theirs? Do our genetics play here? Had I been a Mogli, would I have thought of writing my rants in a blog for my monkey-friends to read? I guess I'd rather have chosen to fall in love with Tarzan and eat lunch with the gang. Coming to the question of stalling aging, as much as I admire the cheeky geneticist, I would think to err is human, to age is human -- and the beauty of humanity lies in the graceful acceptance of our vulnerability and the diversity that age gives us in life - the innocence of childhood and the spirit of youth, the ruggedness of middle-age and the tranquillity of the old.

Edit: I've removed the in-coherency in conclusion here, where I drift off and talk about my addictions, which can in some ways relate do to this post, which is anyway is subtly glorifying one's darker side. Ah well..