Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nature and words

The Lance Armstrong movie
will be out at last, and I am pleased :)

Recent travel to many different places, has been a wonderful experience for me. Having barely travelled in my past, I look at my recent trips as many wonderful moments, some tough, some easy, that have enriched me. For a while, I toured some of Southern India, and fell for the picturesque landscapes amongst its numerous villages, that I must say thankfully lay hidden from the manic urban exploits.

I must say I have missed my blog; as I retrospect, I just realise how much my writing is driven by my emotion. I long for that spell that poets are born with, or newspaper-editors are soiled with. Bad or good, it is emotion that makes for a wild piece of written material to me. I have had bland spells where I have felt nothing, that words simply sound like a computer program that human robots execute; maybe I've attained Nirvana :D Perhaps when words fail me, I shall write :)