Sunday, November 23, 2014

Altemeyer's stroke of brilliance.. and for free ;)

...strange, that I must stumble (rather far too many years late albeit), upon a huge stroke of brilliance from someone and free of charge at that, especially when I incidentally mention that "all good things are free" in my prior post. The person in question is a certain Bob Altemeyer, a rather brilliant psychologist, who in his book called "The Authoritarians", I would like to believe, has almost conclusively determined the cause of every material problem in world today - political, cultural, and more importantly, psychological. His piece of research is strikingly accurate in pointing at "athoritarian" behaviours that inhibit "proper" reasoning in an individual due to a compartmentalized, ego-centric reasoning pattern. Yes, you may question as to who am I to judge on what is "proper", but the problem with authoritarians lies in their "vehement curbing" of diversity, which thus relegates its manner of reasoning as improper in itself.

I realise that I have been all along in naive combat with authoritarian-type individuals, and was extremely relieved on finding it researched upon and documented in Altemeyer's work. Exposure and life-experience may have come slower for me, with naivete dictating the latter half of of my twenties. However, an eternal, romantic chase for exploration, and yes, to a very great degree, the naivete in me, has had certain disturbing truths pleasantly reveal itself, which keeps my chase going. I would not label myself as favouring left-wing politics, as I have absolutely no interest in human rights and am *only* interested in consciousness as a phenomenon. And from what I fathom, a dichotomy between one's political and personal ideologies can very well exist without conflict. I however take no political stand, but DO detest oppression and a blind craving towards "validated trends" of any kind.

I cannot help expressing the comfort I happen to have found in Altemeyer's book, and am excited to mention about it at my blog, where I lay bare my most raw emotions. I happen to have made a few emotional outbursts on the topic in a few of my facebook comments such as this one, which I wish to elaborate upon at my other blog on nature as a living entity. And yes, like Altemeyer, my thoughts are free as well, and so will be any debate.

It is silly-season time, and my mind is now a nice little devil's workshop debating psychological and behavioral ideologies. I have always liked this part of the holiday season albeit - makes me ponder silly :).

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


...stumbling into my blog after a wholesome five years, and cannot help wonder at the embarrassing, seething, ludicrous, naive energy I happened to have been possessed by in my twenties. I have hidden some of the more embarrassing posts, where I appear to be dictating who should write an autobiography and who should not, thus implicating what the populace should read and what they should not. We are a mix of minds, and who am I to judge on who wants to read what. I happen to, as a matter of fact, find a lot of solace lately in looking out for biographies elucidating a street, brazen intelligence almost letting go of boundaries in my mind. This experience in dissolving boundaries has been so comforting, albeit ego-diminishing.

Oh and yes, my linguistic grammatical correctness has receded immensely - not too embarrassed about that though ;). Blogs on the internet are inherently free, and am just fine with being judged if you really must. Oh and aren't all good things free - an eternal "value" I cherish and will perhaps hold on to for a while more ;).