Friday, November 25, 2016

A closing post, until next..

Being on the road (quite literally) and on a long, indefinite break! feel the unusual rush coming from living without money, and note, by stating this, I do not mean that I enjoy working for free or utilizing my talents for free, but am myself detaching for an indefinite time, off material strings, to encounter any new experiences awaiting me. I am going to explain in some future post, in painfully boring, gory detail on what I really meant in my prior post by saying "all good things are for free". I am here to gather experiences and paint them pretty, which sometimes calls for a tad of masochism in order to really know. But in the denseness of the physical world, money plays a role, and a good one at that. Now, whether I want to wholly exist in that physical world is another story...

For now, closing down my blog for a bit, to detach from electronic media as well for a while, and enter a pretend stone age ;)

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