Friday, April 07, 2017

Closing off a decade!

What must turning forty feel like...

I do know that a decade ago, I was eagerly looking forward to my thirties - I embraced it, as it felt like some even ground, with a comfortable balance of maturity and naivete that led to a world of experiences.

This year I am going to turn forty, and while I do not feel any different, society's idea of time dictates that I lean towards stability and all those things that come with age. For one, while I do know what it feels like to earn wisdom, I really do not know what stability or "making a living" means; and for another, I am yet trying to figure what to become when I grow up!

I love beauty, and pride on being able to recognize beauty when I do stumble upon it. I love worldy beauty and abundance; the beauty of stillness and that of that mind.

I've indulged in the lows, and tried to theorise and find tools to engineer my way through them. While I did pride on my ability to theorise my moments of darkness, I cannot help notice how some people experience the dark innately in solitude, listening to that proverbial inner voice we often speak about, but do not hear.

I wonder how is my next decade going to be like. I hope I will be able to experience the same or different hues...yet again ;).

My creations in water colour:

The completeness of identity
The green life
The dance of the Kaali
Aethereal music
The Kaali divinity


The green life

The dancing rise of the fire-draped Kaali


The Kaali divinity

Please email me should you need high-resolution downloads of the above paintings, or the content of any posts on this blog - thank you.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Off to quora!

I have fallen for quora - I love the introverted, knowledge-seeking, experience-sharing setting there!

While I did become active on facebook for a tad, talking only about my passions and nothing else, that could well have been done over coffee, I simply found facebook a useless medium to connect with a larger, unknown audience. It is perhaps best for businesses and celebrities...

Quora is an intellectual google; it is a fun place to even just browse around, like a nice book.